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But First, Earrings! Earrings before coffee. Grande, please?!

When you wake up in the morning, what is one of the first things that you do? Wash your face? Brush your teeth? Put on a fresh brew of coffee, perhaps? you put on a cute pair of earrings? Okay, maybe it's just me. Or is it? Surely, somebody out there puts on their earrings before having a cup of coffee. Well if you don't do it now, I hope to have convinced you, by the end of this article, to start making it a practice. Let me tell you why earrings will give you a better boost than coffee can.

Jewelry in general makes you feel good! Am I right, ladies? Wearing jewelry makes you feel feminine and beautiful. Through the ages, jewelry has always been an important part of wardrobe. Yes, even for men. The jewelry that a person wears can tell a lot about them, such as, social status, and personality type. But also, jewelry can help determine MOOD. Yes, mood. Specifically, for me, earrings do just that! And this is because jewelry transforms emotion. It has a way of making us feel renewed and desirable. Being desired is increased through using different items of jewelry, daily, to enhance beauty and charm.

I can remember when I was a little girl growing up in Los Angeles, Ca. My family wasn't "poor", per say, but we struggled. A lot! My Dad worked, and my Mom stayed home with myself, and my other 4 siblings at the time. I can remember times that we had to dig through couch cushions just to find enough coins to buy a bag of beans, or even a pack of cookies for dessert. We struggled. And my Mom struggled to find ways to help bring money in for the family. People had no idea the struggles we had, because we always kept smiles on our faces.

My Mom, is so very creative! I gained essential jewelry making skills from watching her all of those years growing up. At one time, she used to take me with her on trips to Downtown LA Fashion District to go hunt for jewelry to buy and sell to friends and family. Back then, those twisted bead necklaces were trendy. And she used to make the most beautiful necklaces with those strands of beads. I wish I had a picture to share. But she really knew how to color coordinate with "the best of them". She may not have known this, but I studied her. I loved watching the best parts of my Mom's creativity. She did jewelry, interior design (I MUST do a story about that too!), and she did regular crafts. Except, her crafts were far from regular or "basic" as people say these days. She was extremely talented, and extremely innovative. Only very few people knew of her creativity, well because, she chose to focus on rearing her children and providing us essential Bible knowledge (which by the way, I can never truly thank her for).

But I can remember the glow she had when she wore her creations, and just jewelry in general! I can remember how it made ME feel when I played in it...royalty comes to mind. Luxurious. It was refreshing. It would, figuratively, take me to a new world. Which I very much needed. So I learned fashion jewelry, (called strictly "costume jewelry" back then) from my wonderful Mom. She taught me how to take a basic, plain outfit and make it amazing with a few twisted beads, and a pair of cute fabo earrings.

So when I wake up in the morning, I put on a fresh pair of earrings before I get my coffee. Earrings liven me up. They help guide my fashion picks for the day. Before going out of the house, what do you do, ladies? Put on some earrings! Even if you're in a pair of sweats, you never forget to put on some earrings. While we are all staying at home these days, we still have virtual meetups that we attend. Whether it be our religious meetings, corporate, dating (although I haven't tried that one), or even just a casual chat with friends and family. Looking and feeling your best should still be a thing. And we're getting out too, while staying 6ft apart. Right? But things can be so depressing, if you let it. But it will pass, in due time.

In the meantime, wake up and wear some earrings! Forget the coffee. Give me a pair of Lanah Te Jewelry earrings. ;-) Give yourself that much needed BOOST, that caffeine can't give you. A boost of confidence. Make yourself feel pretty again. Feel good and share the joy! Reconnect with YOU. Add the right bling and get that sexy feeling back. And pile it on! Make mine GRANDE! The bigger, the better. I love a big, bold earrings. That's why I design bold fashion statement jewelry. It's the true essence of me.

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