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How A Simple Pair of Fashion Earrings Can Take Your #QUARANTINEFASHION From Blah-Blah to Va-Va-ZOOM!

Doesn't this look like a ZOOM background?!

So who would've ever thought that #quarantinefashion or #quarantinefashion2020 would be a thing?! Right?! blows my mind to think that we are this point in the world! This is where our 20/20 Vision & Goals for the year 2020 has brought us. It has been such a mind blowing year, to say the least. If I listed all of the life changing events that have occured in 2020, it would be like a scroll. And guess what? Ya'll ready for this? The year is NOT over yet! Three more months! Hold on tight! There may just be more to come.

The world and current events have brought us all to #workingfromhome and #zoomlife (on camera meetings). Even though countries have reopened to an extent, we are all pretty much staying safer at home. We have come upon a new way of life. And we have definitely gained new understandings, and new perceptions, and changed viewpoints.

I personally was already working from home in my own business, before the pandemic even hit. And I say hit, because it was like a hurricane that came out of nowhere, and just caused so much devastation...around the world! I digress.

So, on the brighter side, let's get into this 2020 #HomeCouture , #WFH #ZOOMFashions with Fashion Earrings. Firstly, I must ask...did you all get a chance to check out the #HomeCouture challenge that @skipdin hosted online? It is the new DIY fashion trend that took over Instagram & TikTok for a while. Very, very creative, I must say. The creativity, flavor, & innovation that people bring to the table, is so very entertaining, and dare I say, mind blowing sometimes?!

ZOOM fashion has definitely had its challenges. When this pandemic started, we were probably all in our Gucci or LV sweatsuits on camera (actually mine was more of a Target Sweatsuit), looking so very laid back and relaxed. Then some corporate executive somewhere said, "Nope! This is just not going to work." So we all had to be more mindful of the way we look on camera. So did you keep the sweatsuit, added a little makeup, and VOILA?! Let me tell you, as much as I love a good pair of sweatpants, that exec is right, ladies. We have got to do better with our ZOOM fashion! #selfcare #lookgoodfeelgood

I personally have always loved the way a pair of earrings could take a plain-colored top and make it look so bomb! Can you tell what era I come from? Lol. Take a loook at this...

See that? Without the earrings, her look would've probably been "cute" at best. Although black is a classic and classy color, adding a little personality and flare with those large black beaded hoops, took that classic look and put it over the edge. Do you agree? You should.

Statement earrings can really transform an outfit. In fact, even a simple but classy pair of modern minimalist style fashion earrings can take an outfit from blah to Va-Va-ZOOM! Yes, ZOOM. It's #thenewnorm. So, get into this new way to spice up your on-camera look.

Wardrobe options are extremely limited right now, but fashion earrings are not! It's so easy to grab a pair of statement earrings from your favorite online fashion store or fashion boutique, and get your slay on! Goes well with a simple black shirt, and a slicked back ponytail or fun bun! People, statement earrings aren't just for special occassions. You can wear as frequent as you want. We are on ZOOM, but we still want to look and feel fabulous!

By the way, if you're looking for some affordable fashion earrings options, check out our bold statement fashion earrings and modern minimalist fashion earrings online. There are some really great affordable chic fashion earrings under $50!

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